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Ashley Judd

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Ashley Judd
Date Of Birth: April 19, 1968
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Profession: Actress

Ashley Judd News
- A Grammy Award-winning singer with 20 No. 1 hits to her credit.
- Interview With Ashley Judd.
- Mystics team up with Ashley and Wynonna Judd for YouthAIDS forum.
- Ashley Judd says she spent 47 days in a Texas treatment facility for depression.

"When I'm working on a performance, I'll go sideways for a while before I go straight up. If I'm trying something in a take and it's not working for me, I will absolutely exhaust the idea in myself before a change will occur to me. And I almost need to do that. It's the way my neurons work." - Ashley Judd.

Ashley was born on 19 April 1968. She is a famous American actress. She is best known for her role in movies High Crimes, Kiss the Girls, and Double Jeopardy. Ashley's father Michael Ciminella is marketing analyst. Her mother Naomi Judd is a music singer. Wynonna Judd is a half-sister of Ashley. She is also a music singer.

Her mother was working as nurse before her birth. In late 1970's her mother became a singer with her daughter Wynonna Judd. In 1972 her parents divorced and in 1974 her mother came back to Kentucky where Ashley grew up.

Ashley began her career on television. She appeared as a Ensign Robin Lefler in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in 1991. Her role was Starfleet officer in Star Trek.