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Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis
Date of Birth: 19th March, 1955
Born at: Idar-Oberstein, West Germany
Height: 6’
Claim to fame: Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, and The Sixth Sense.

Bruce Willis News

Walter Bruce Willis better known as Bruce Willis is no doubt is one of the best-loved leading actors of our times. Though mainly known as an action hero Bruce has an amazing body of work. His biggest blockbuster was Die Hard (1988) which catapulted him straight in to the big leagues.

He started his career from television working in the hit show ‘Moonlighting’ alongside Cybil Shepherd. During the show Bruce came out with his first movie in a starring role called ‘Blind Date’ with Kim Basinger, though he had worked in movies before most of them had been roles as extras. This movie was his first foray in to the celluloid world as a leading man. However this movie was not to be the movie that got him recognition.

In 1988, a year after his marriage to Demi Moore, Bruce came out with Die Hard; and a new franchise for action films was born. Die Hard was a mega-blockbuster and smashed many records on its way to the number one that year. The success of Die Hard lead to three more sequels to it, ‘Die Hard 2: Die Harder’, ‘Die Hard 3: Die Hard with a Vengeance’ and ‘Die Hard 4.0: Live Free or Die Hard’, making him one the most successful stars at the Box-Office.

Owing to his success, Bruce today commands a hefty fee of $20 million per movie. But not everything he touched turned to gold; Bruce has seen his fair share of unsuccessful movies, the biggest one being Hudson Hawk (1991) which he had also co-written. He followed it up with another dud ‘North’ (1994) in which he tried to play a ‘Master of Disguises’ but failed miserably. By now it looked as if his career was set to end if it wasn’t for Quentin Tarintino’s cult hit Pulp Fiction. The movie saved Bruce’s sinking career just like it did for many other actors in the movie, giving him a fresh new start.

Having had a chance at new lease of life, Bruce chose his films more carefully, thus resulting in a spate of successful films throughout the 90’s. Bruce struck a neat balance between the roles he choose and tried his hands at different things like Production. In 1999 Bruce teamed up with Manoj Night Shyamalan for ‘The Sixth Sense’, which saw him play a psychiatrist trying to help a boy who sees dead people. The movie was a smash hit notching up another feather in Bruce’s cap.

All through his career Bruce never turned his back on the successful Die Hard franchise making four super-hit films. In February 2010 Bruce announced his return as the wise-cracking cop John Mclane for a fifth installment of the movie.