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Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

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Denzel Washington
Date of Birth: 28th December, 1954.
Born at: Mount Vernon, New York City, New York.
Height: 6’0”
Claim to Fame: Malcolm X, The Hurricane, Remember the Titans, American Gangster.

Denzel Washington News

Who says you have to be a crazy eccentric guy to be a great actor. Denzel Washington is proof that normal, down-to-earth people can be great actors too. Here is an actor who has lived a clean life, rarely in the news for anything wrong, and yet he is one of the most decorated actors of all times. In the age of drug arrests and sex tapes, it’s nice to see a well grounded actor, who is only concerned with his job and nothing else. Just for this fact, he deserves an award. But he has awards, for his best talent; acting. Denzel has made a name for himself playing real-life characters, and realistically portraying them to the T. He has two Oscars, two Golden Globes and a Tony Award to his name, not to mention the numerous other awards he has received for his efforts.

Denzel began his career with a hit TV show St. Elsewhere (1982–1988). Soon, films followed suit and his career took off. He got an opportunity to work with great directors from a very early age. He had the unique ability to live the character, and it was this talent that many directors found appealing. He was a great directors’ actor. Denzel got rave reviews for role in The Mighty Quinn (1989) and For Queen and Country (1989). He soon won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Glory (1989), he played an ex-slave turned soldier who defies the odds. This was just the beginning for him, and he went onto play many more memorable roles.

He teamed up with Spike Lee to play the legendary Malcolm X in the film by the same name. In Philadelphia (2003), he played a homophobic lawyer, who is defending a homosexual client suffering from HIV/AIDS. And in The Hurricane (1999), he played the boxer Rubin Carter who is set free after he spends 20 years in jail for a crime he never did. Denzel played many such conflicting characters over the years, bringing him many awards. Denzel’s career graph was constantly on the rise.

Denzel worked very hard through the 1990’s. He starred in movies like The Preacher’s Wife (1996), The Siege (1998) and The Bone Collector (1999). The Bone Collector was one of the few films of his which was not a critical success.

In 2000’s Denzel leaned more towards the action/thriller genre. He acted in films like Johnny Q (2002), Man on Fire (2004) and Inside Man (2006). Though he had won the Oscar before, he had won it for Supporting Actor, but in Training Day (2001), he won it in the Best Actor category. He had come close to winning it for The Hurricane but had missed out due to some controversy. Denzel has cut down on work in the recent years; his last film was The Book of Eli (2010), which was a moderate hit.

In an industry where many actors have to hide their faith, so to be more politically correct, Denzel has always been open about his faith. He is a practicing Christian, and has also expressed his desire to be Minister someday. This honest quality of his has endeared him to millions, and he attributes religion to be his saving grace. He has also never shied away from speaking his mind. He had once famously refused to kiss one of his white co-stars in a film as he felt that it would not be appealing to the white audience.

Denzel also has a great marriage with actress Pauletta Pearson. The two met on the sets of Wilma (1977) and have been together ever since, they have four children together.