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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton
Date of Birth: 9th January, 1982.
Born at: Reading, Berkshire
Height: 5’10”
Claim to fame: Engaged to marry Prince William.

Kate Middleton News

Kate Middleton, future Queen of England. It’s hard to believe that this down to earth, History of Arts major will someday be the Queen. Growing up, many young girls fantasize about being a princess, Kate will actually be realizing this fantasy on the 29th of April, 2011. The big day has finally been announced, as Prince William proposed to Kate on a trip to Kenya they were taking together.

They were celebrating William passing his test to become a pilot for the Royal Air Force’s helicopter search and rescue crew. William proposed to her with his late mother’s engagement ring, and she accepted.

The news of their engagement was broken by Clarence House, who released a statement. The media has been going crazy ever since. They have been comparing Kate to the late princess Diana in every way possible. From her childhood to her looks, everything has come under scrutiny. Most expect her to take the place of Diana, even in the media. But Kate is an independent girl, and she will surely make an identity of her own.

Kate has taken everything in her stride and has come a long way. From the girl who threatened to sue the media for invasion of privacy, to the girl who now consistently appears on the best dressed lists of many magazines. Kate has seen it all, ever since, she started dating William in her college days.

Her humble nature has endeared her to many in England. The people on the street feel that she is the perfect match for the prince, and would make a good queen someday.

There was a brief period, when it seemed all this would not have happened, as the two had separated. In April 2007, Kate and William broke up their three-year long relationship. It was speculated that the intense media pressure had finally got to them. And there were also other wildly incorrect rumors, but the truth was never known, as they the two never spoke about it to the media. But, they could not even bear two months apart, as reports started coming in of a reconciliation in June itself. Because, they already knew of the intense media pressure surrounding them the first time they had started going out, they chose not confirm their patch up, and only said that they were good friends.

Ever since they have been going out, Kate’s life has been splashed in the tabloids. Not just her, her family too has been followed around, and written about extensively. But Kate has learned to take it all in her stride, and the media attention does not bother her so much as it used to. The only thing to fear would be that, she does not meet the end like William’s mother Diana. Diana too, all her life, was followed around by the media, which led to her death in a car accident. She was chased by the paparazzi, and her driver crashed the car in a tunnel. She died while being given help as the photographers just stood there taking pictures. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why William has repeatedly asked the media to stay away from Kate.

Kate is currently working with Jigsaw, a clothing brand, as an accessory buyer. She someday hopes to have her own mail order company, selling premium children’s clothes. Her parents too have their own mail order company called Party Pieces, which supplies decorations and party supplies.

Preparations are on for a royal wedding in Westminster Abbey, which will be attended by the who’s who of the United Kingdom.