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Kate Middleton Biography

Kate Middleton Biography

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton or better known as Kate was born in Reading, Berkshire. Her father, Michael was a flight dispatcher, and an airline officer for British Airways, and her mother, Carole, was a flight attendant. Kate is the oldest of three siblings; she has a sister Philippa, and a brother James. Her parents left their respective jobs in 1987 to start their own mail order company, which makes and sells decorations and party supplies. The name of the company is Party Pieces, and this business has made them millionaires.

Kate attended St. Andrew’s School, but later changed to Marlborough College, a public school. For her college education, she went to the University of St. Andrews to study History of Arts, and it is here that she met Prince William. The two soon started dating, which set off a media frenzy in her life.

All of this was happening because she was dating Prince William. William is second in line to the throne of England after his father, Prince Charles. Kate and William were first publicly seen in 2004, on ski trip, which sparked off the media craze. The media intrusion became so much that, she eventually had to get herself a lawyer, in 2005 to complain about the media. The tabloids would follow her on her daily outings, and her pictures would be splashed all over the tabloids, despite her not doing anything. William even requested, and warned, the media to stay away from her. A couple of the newspapers agreed to stop publishing her pictures after she threatened a legal suit.

One German magazine printed the outer designs of her flat in London, where Kate was going to stay. This outraged her and the many that were concerned of her security. She even contemplated complaining to the Human Rights Commission in Europe regarding her safety. But despite all of this, the media was relentless, and continued to follow her. They even started bothering Kate’s family, like her younger sister Philippa.

The media began heavily speculating about a possible engagement, after the William had taken her to meet the queen. Rumors were fuelled further, in 2006, after it was reported that Kate would be receiving her own private security 24/7, provided by the Royal and Diplomatic Protection Department. Because, she was not entitled to it; many felt, she would be getting engaged in the coming days to the Prince. But the engagement never happened, and the security was never provided.

The rumors were further fuelled, after the Queen herself invited Kate for a Christmas lunch, but Kate declined the offer, as she wanted to spend Christmas with her family. In 2007, all the speculation, and attention took a toll on the relationship and Kate, and William broke up. The break up was first reported by Sun, and slowly spread out, and was confirmed by other media outlets.

The break up caused further frenzy and speculation. From nowhere, cropped up these so-called close sources, who were apparently close friends of the couple, and they gave all sorts of reasons for the split. There were reports that they broke up, because William felt he was too young, and was unwilling to settle down. Some reports said that William had been spending a lot of time with other young girls. The most common reason seemed to be, that William was busy pursuing a career in the air force, and Kate too was busy with her own career. The media turned to the Royal family for their comments, but the Clarence House, the residence of the Prince of Wales, refused to comment, saying that they do not comment on the Prince’s personal life.

But barely two months later, after their reported break up, Kate was seen again with William, giving rise to the speculation of a possible reconciliation. Kate and her family attended the Concert for Diana at the Wembley stadium, sitting just two rows apart from the Prince. They insisted that were just good friends, and were not back together. They were photographed in public many times, but never confirmed their patch up. She became the first non-royal to attend the ceremony, where the prince was awarded his RAF Wings. And she even attended the wedding of Williams cousin, even after William himself could not attend. It was pretty clear that the two had, in fact, patched up, and were very much together.

The two went on a 10-day trip to Kenya on a wild life safari to celebrate William passing his search and rescue test for the RAF. William proposed to Kate, and she accepted. On 16th November 2010, the Clarence House released a statement to the media announcing the news of their engagement, and their plans to marry in 2011. They will get married on the 29th of April, 2011. In Westminster Abbey

Ever since the news of her marriage, the media has not stopped comparing her to Princess Diana. It is still fresh in the minds of people, the fate the Diana suffered. Diana suffered from a lot of loneliness, after she became the Duchess of York, and her time as the princess was not a great one either. This led to her getting divorced from Prince Charles. And who could forget her tragic death; she was being pursued by the paparazzi, and her car crashed in a tunnel. She died in the crash, while the photographers just stood there taking pictures. Many fear for the safety of Kate also, as she too is constantly hounded by the media.

Apparently, even Kate is worried about her life after marriage, as some tabloids reported her sharing her fears with close friends. But Kate has a good career that she is passionate about, and will pursue it further. Just like her parents, she too wants to have her own mail order company, which sells high-end children clothes. Unfortunately, an investor pulled out at the last moment, and she had to put her plans on hold. So she joined clothing line Jigsaw as an accessory buyer.