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Liv Tyler

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Liv Tyler
Birth Name: Liv Rundgren
Nickname : Liver
Date of Birth: 1 july 1977
Born At: Portland, ME
Height: 5' 10"
Profession : Actress, model

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Possessing an unusual beauty marked by perhaps the most unique set of lips inherited from father Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler unsurprisingly made her entrance into acting via the world of modeling. Since her breakthrough role in 1996's Stealing Beauty, she has arised as a performer with natural talent, dropping her "model-actress" abutment in favor of just "actress."

Liv is beautiful and talented. Fans and critics like her and she has not lost herself in the waves of fame. She seems wise beyond her years, yet possesses an innocent aurora, full of light. Having been named by many as one of the most beautiful people of the world, Liv Tyler seems to deserve the title. When one considers that the name Liv often means "life", Liv Tyler may just own her name.

Liv's first major exposure to the world came in 1994, when she was 16, in Aerosmith's clip - Crazy. Liv was embarrassed by her sexy appearances - but got the idolization of millions of teenagers around the world.

Also, in 2003 Liv has been selected to be the new face of "Givenchy", following the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn. The first product published by Liv is "Very Irresistible Givenchy" perfume, as can be seen on TV commercials and magazines. More campaigns were "Givenchy le Makeup" and "Givenchy - Ready to Wear and Accessories".

Contempt her star status and her fame, Liv is known by her "down to earth" attitude, charm and kindness. The word "arrogance" doesn't exist in her lexicon. Somehow Liv managed to keep her private life just that. The restraint has served Liv well, making her seem more mature than many of her peers and, perhaps, even her parents.

She doesn't care for the nightclubbing high lifestyle and has said she envies her friends' college days. Not that she's unhappy. "A lot has happened these last couple of years. But it's exhilarating," she said in '96, "It doesn't feel like too much. At least, not more than I can handle."