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Prince William

Prince William

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Prince William
Prince William Date of Birth: 21st June, 1982.
Born at: London, England.
Height: 6’2”
Claim to Fame: Second in line to the Throne of Britain.

Prince William News
- Prince William and Kate Middleton get ready for the Royal Wedding!

Prince William is the second in line to the throne after his father, Prince Charles. His mother, Princess Diana passed away in a tragic accident in August, 1997. William had to face a lot of media pressure from a very young age. Being the crown prince, his life has been constantly watched by the media. It was because of this very media pressure that he split from girlfriend Kate Middleton. Though the two have reconciled lately, wariness towards the media continues. And who can forget the night of Diana’s death, the paparazzi only stood there and took pictures of her car accident instead of helping. A pact was even made with the media during William’s schooling days that if they stayed away from the prince they would get updates on the prince regularly.

William tries his best to lead a life of any normal citizen but knows that it would be possible only upto a certain point. He is a pilot for the Search and Rescue Force in the Royal Air Force. His father was a pilot for the RAF. He joined the army in the short service commission and also renewed his contract for another three years as he wanted to take part in active service and serve in Afghanistan. But it would have been impossible and his life would have been in extra danger if the enemies would have known about his presence. So he joined the Royal Air Force and even manned an aircraft on a mission in Afghanistan. William is probably one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. When the news of him joining St. Andrews Academy spread many girls joined the University and took the same classes as him just to meet him once.