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Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr

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Robert Downey Jr
Date of Birth: 4th April, 1965
Born at: Manhattan, New York.
Height: 5’9”
Claim to Fame: Chaplin, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes.

Robert Downey Jr News

The media is full of news about the constant relapsing of Lindsay Lohan’s drug addiction problem. May be, she should take some advice from this man; Robert Downey Jr. Robert has had a long history of drug abuse, and he has beaten it all to become one of the best actors of this era. Robert is now enjoying a great phase in his career where everything he seems to touch is turning into gold. His last film Due Date (2010) directed by Todd Phillips was a hit. Robert also has a line-up of potential blockbuster films in Iron Man 3 (2012), The Avengers (2013) and Sherlock Holmes 2 (2011).

Being the son of an accomplished filmmaker, one might wonder whether he ever had a choice other than become an actor. But seeing some of the performances he has delivered over the years, there no other field he could have excelled so well. The downside of course was drug abuse. In an interview after he had beaten drugs he revealed that it was his father who had got him hooked on to drugs like cocaine and heroin. He had been doing drugs with his father from a very young age. He struggled with the habit for years and was also found to be suffering from bipolar disease. Finally, in 2003, he was able to get his act together and has managed to stay clean since then. All of his struggles were to be told in a biographical book, but the plans were cancelled midway, and the book never saw the light of day.

Robert is known to be a method actor and really studies each character he plays. His method acting skills won him accolades for his very realistic portrayal of Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin (1992). He was nominated in the Best Actor category for the Oscar, but lost it to Al Pacino. Instead, he won the BAFTA award for Best Actor that year. He starred in many good movies during the 90’s, but then came his struggle with drugs. He also had a successful stint on TV with his show Ally McBeal (2000–2002). But again was dropped because of his drug problems. After getting clear off all the drug problems, he made a steady comeback into mainstream cinema. He won praises for films like A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006) and Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006).

Finally, he cemented his place with Iron Man (2008). Robert played Iron Man and his alter ego Tony Stark in the Marvel Comics adaptation. The film was a mega blockbuster. He followed it up with a fabulous performance in Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder (2008). He may not have played the lead, but his supporting role was one of his best performances as he played the role of an African–American actor. Then came Iron Man 2 (2010) which was again a blockbuster, he even made a special appearance as Tony Stark in Incredible Hulk as way to give the Marvel Comic series continuity. He will shortly be seen in Iron Man 3 and Sherlock Holes 2. Also in The Avengers, he set to play the role of Iron Man who becomes a part of this superhero team.