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Russell Brand

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Russell Brand
Date of Birth: 4th June, 1975.
Born at: Essex, England.
Height: 6’1”
Claim to Fame: My Booky Wooky (Autobiography), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bedtime Stories.

Russell Brand News

One look at this goofy comedian and one would never be able to imagine the struggle he has had all his life. Russell has seen it all, sexual abuse, drugs, poverty, crimes and much more. You name it and he would have been through it. Russell has had a torrid life which prompted him to write his autobiography named My Booky Wooky. The book had all the details of his life but being a comedian he has presented them in a funny way.

Russell has come a long way from the bulimic teen that he was to become the star that he is today. Russell has suffered from all the addictions under the sun and has beaten all of them. He was addicted to heroin and beat his drug addiction with the help of meditation. He was also an alcoholic and a sex addict. He has had many run-ins with law and was arrested for assaulting a paparazzo who was blocking his fiancé and his way from reaching the airport. In England too he has been arrested several times for small misdemeanors all throughout his career. The only stabilizing factor in his life has been his relationship with American singer Katy Perry. He and Katy met at an awards function and started dating soon. The two got engaged and got married on the 23rd of October, 2010.

Russell has had many jobs from where he was fired for his erratic behavior. He has worked in TV, Radio and Films. He has been a stage artist, video jockey, radio jockey, TV presenter, writer and actor. Russell found his most success as a stand-up comic, taking home the British Comedy Award for Best Newcomer. His movie career too is going well after he got a chance to work in a few comedy movies in America.

Like all comedians, Russell too has seen a lot of sorrow in his life. His parents divorced when he was only six months old. His mother suffered from cancer and would constantly be in the hospital while he was passed around from relative to relative. He got involved in drugs and struggled many years to beat the habit. He found his footing in comedy and revisited incidents in his life but this with a humorous perspective. That helped him calm down a bit and he made use of his experiences for performing good stand-up acts. But many times his sense of humor has gotten him into trouble. He dressed up as Osama Bin Laden and came to work the day after the attack on the World Trade Centre. During his RJ-ing days he got fired for reading pornographic material on air.

Russell has put all of it behind him and is now concentrating more on his film career and his marriage. Russell is also a part of the Hare Krishna movement because he managed to beat his drug addiction with the help of meditation. He even married his wife in a Hindu ceremony in India.