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Uma Thurman

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Uma Thurman
Birth Name: Uma Karuna Thurman
Date of Birth: April 29, 1970
Born At: Boston, Massachusetts
Height: 6'
Profession: Actress & Model
Best Known As: As Cecile De Volanges in Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

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Uma Thurman is one of Hollywood's stumper actresses. Just as easily as she does a small art house movie, she does a big blockbuster, and just as she seems to be everywhere, Uma disappears into doubtfulness. This beautiful and talented actress has always kept her fans and her producers wondering about which direction she will be appear in her next film: incest, glamour, murder, deceit, or pure evil. Though Uma was one of the Hollywood's social scene regulars, her marriage to fellow actor Ethan Hawke and her first child have mellowed the Greta Garbo look-a-like and given her a new found perspective on what is important in life

Uma Thurman is a respected actress who was brought up under the repercussion of Buddhist beliefs and free thinking. As a result, she has grown up to be grounded, admitting her success, though Uma might have taken her free thinking a little too far when she married Gary Oldman at the ripe old age of 21. They divorced after 18 months now we didn't see that one coming can you smell the sarcasm.

Uma Thurman has appeared in over a dozen movies, starting with her role as a virgin in Dangerous Liaisons as an 18-year-old. Her acting peak hit with the incredible movie-noir Pulp Fiction for anyone who hasn't seen this epitome of movie making, get out from your basement and buy it now!, in which she received an Oscar Nomination. Among her other high profile movies were Batman & Robin and the movie that almost destroyed her career The Avengers where she played Emma Peele. After a nice hiatus from movie making, Uma is back though. At the Cannes Film Festival, she was one of the most visible celebrities around, if not the most beautiful one.

Uma Thurman looked resplendent as a one-time rock group costumer-turned-record exec who falls for John Travolta's Chili Palmer in "Be Cool" (2005), the entertaining sequel to "Get Shorty" reunited with her "Pulp Fiction" co-star, Thurman enjoyed another on-screen dance sequence with Travolta this time more sensual and romantic then frenetic, and equally compelling. Next Uma Thurman went toe-to-toe with Meryl Streep in the romantic comedy "Prime" (2005) as a 37-year-old woman reeling from a divorce woking through intimacy issues with her therapist (Streep), reinvigorated by her affair with a much-younger man who happens to be her therapist's son. Then it was on to singing and dancing Mel Brooks-style alongside Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in "The Producers: The Movie Musical" (2005) as the Broadway duo's sensual, leggy and English-challenged secretary Ulla. Uma then joined Luke Wilson for "Super Ex Girlfriend" lensed 2005, in which Wilson learns his girlfriend is a superhero and breaks up with her when she gets too controlling and neurotic, prompting her to use her powers to exact revenge by tormenting and embarrassing him.